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Delay Radio: Comedy,Funny News, Funny Stories (Fast-Ish)
Drunk Birds,Halloween Movie,Post Malone,Ariana Grande's Name,Animated Movies,Reddit,Legos,Fake News - Ep. 28 - Funny News Comedy
October 31, 2018 Delay Radio - Funny News and Comedy (Fast-Ish)

<p>Honch is out this week, so we try to tackle the topics of the world, including obsure Malcolm in The Middle reference, and then we falsely identify the parts of the movie Halloween - including that Fergie is in it. Only one of the members actually watched it.</p>

<p>Do you know how to properly pronounce Ariana Grande? The D will she the record straight for you. On to actual news - a town north of Duluth, MN has been experiencing drunk birds flying around as they were eating fermented berries. As it turns out, the police just told people to calm down.</p>

<p>We then got into questions from Reddit. What action films would be better adapted to an animated film. Anything with Bruce Willis, Meg, and so on. That somehow to into what happens when we downloaded MP3's from the Internet years ago..and legos. 

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